Hi! I’m Bridget Bergens.

I am a Board Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner,  Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach,  Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner and Registered, Licensed Occupational Therapist. 

 Are you fatigued, experiencing  gut/digestion issues, joint pain, inflammation, weight issues or brain fog?

I help others change their lives through positive health and lifestyle changes that are the core of my philosophy. My background includes 37 years as a healthcare professional. My work has taught me the invaluable skills necessary to develop wellness protocols. Studying the root causes of many autoimmune and microbiome conditions. I have learned strategies for avoiding environmental, emotional, and spiritual toxins that create so much of today’s ill health. 

“The gut is the key to your health.”

Here are the 4 most important things I believe about Health: 

1. Your gut is the key. If you want to live a long, healthy, vibrant life you need to digest and assimilate all the nutrients in the quality organic food you eat. 

2. You must nurture a thriving, robust, diverse community of good gut bugs!! If you are dealing with the discomfort of daily gas, bloating, reflux, constipation, or diarrhea, it’s a logical assumption that something in your gut is off. 

3. You cannot fix your hormones without fixing your gut. 

4. Drugs are not always the answer and there is no simple fix. A clean healthy diet and lifestyle are the key to wellness.

If you have landed on my website, you must be looking for a practical means to improve your health and wellbeing, while allowing you to transform your whole self. 

Determining the root cause of your issue is the key.  It may be chronic inflammation, food sensitivity, an autoimmune condition, dysfunctional gut microbiome or other health concerns. My practice style places a strong focus on diagnostics, colorful nutrition, quality supplements, as well as, incorporating mind-body modalities. The end goal is assisting you in achieving and maintaining vibrant health. 

 Most illnesses can be controlled or even reversed with a holistic approach including hydration, wholefood nutrition, detoxification, healthy movement, and accountability. BWell encourages prevention, while promoting behaviors and habits that can lead to long lasting vibrant health.  

BWell always,


Do you desire a healthier life for you and your family?

Would you like to have more energy?

Would you like to improve your eating habits?

Would you like to sleep better?

Would you like the internal motivation to improve your health?

Are you lacking self-confidence with your food and supplement choices?

Do you have the confidence to achieve your life goals and transform yourself?

I will help you build self-confidence around everyday food and lifestyle choices through Western and Eastern methodologies, providing a deeper understanding of how lifestyle and food choices affects the mind, whole body and relationships and allow you to be your best and achieve your life goals.

I do this through a personalized approach to your whole self that includes integrating whole foods, tailored supplements and mind-body modalities.

I appreciate the scientific, logical, holistic and nutritional aspects of food as much as I believe and feel that our spiritual, creative, and symbolic connection with food and lifestyle is essential. I look at the root-causes that may be limiting you from achieving your optimal health and wellbeing and make recommendations for dietary nutritional changes, natural supplementation and lifestyle changes.

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