About Bridget Bergens


Bridget Bergens

OTR/L, CFSP, CPHWC – Integrative Wholelistic Health Practitioner

Today, as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner and a Registered, Licensed Occupational Therapist… 

My nutrition philosophy is based on a core method that inspires you to EAT nourishing and delicious food, LIVE the life you desire, and truly THRIVE in every area of your life.

I became a healthcare provider because I truly care about others and have a great passion to improve others lives by helping them achieve optimal health, independence and wellness. To me it is very important to live a healthy lifestyle-intellectually, emotionally and physically.

My personal wellness vision is:

I love life. I am a wonderful wife, sister and daughter. I am balanced in my life, eating a plant based diet, exercising and mediating daily allowing me to have the energy and mindset to fulfill my life purpose intellectually, emotionally and physically. I am truly passionate about inspiring my friends, family and others to achieve their personal journey to wellness.

I know first-hand what it’s like to not feel good. 5 years ago, I acquired a gut-bacteria that changed my life. I experienced bloating, gas, brain fog, malabsorption of food and diarrhea. I had to identify the underlying root cause of my symptoms and establish a roadmap to health and wellness. It was not an easy journey. Dealing with digestive issues can be complicated and exhausting- especially when you are trying to figure it out on your own. Trust me I have been there too! I felt my digestive system took control over my life and at times wanted to give up, but I didn’t! Today, I have restored my gut and my health.

My career in health and wellness has taken me around the world. Please know that your journey to health can be a beautiful one and I am here to help you every step of the way!