Are you looking for an experienced speaker who can offer sound information and an engaging experience for your organization to present wellness and healthy living?

Are you interested in a one-time lunch’n’learn, a weekly or monthly program, a workshop on wellness and healthy living, or individual nutrition and wellness coaching?

I can tailor a program that will fit your needs. I am passionate about Empowering and Inspiring audiences to take realistic and sustainable steps toward realizing their wellness and ability to transform themselves!

It is not a surprise that healthy employees improve a company’s bottom line. Healthy employees take less sick time, have fewer disability days and have greater productivity. It is good business for companies to provide employees with the information and tools that will empower them to adopt healthy eating, exercise and stress management behaviors. Research from the Wellness Council of America shows that a $1 investment in wellness programs saves $3 in health care costs.

BWell specializes in providing workplace wellness solutions and programs to individuals, small groups and organizations. Our workplace wellness services offer clients practical, physical, mental and emotional health strategies customized for improving the well-being of associates with a focus on prevention.

We specialize in working with employers to create learning events and programs designed to improve associate morale and associate effectiveness in your work place. When companies focus on business strategies that promote healthy workplace cultures and endorse health promotion programs, they are likely to see that they:

Attract the best talent
Retain the talent
Realize lower absence and illness-related costs

Our Wellness programs improve health behaviors and create high performing teams. The core of every good wellness program is behavior change. Healthy behaviors lead to lower health risks, and lower health risks lead to less chronic disease. With less chronic disease employers and associates enjoy less absenteeism, stronger project focus, greater retention and more positive morale. Your associates will learn nutrition and lifestyle tips to help keep them performing at an optimal level. Your team will gain the knowledge and recourses they need to implement positive changes in their life

By contracting with BWell, you provide your associates with a comprehensive wellness program, designed specifically to meet their needs and the needs of your company.


BWellbhealthy Wellness App

Individual wellness app with custom program for each employee. BWellbhealthy is a cloud-based lifestyle guidance web portal and app. Employees are enrolled into lifestyle and wellness programs and receive personal guidance, support, and instructions when needed. Employees can log calories and track progress including exercise, steps, activity, water, weight and sleep. The wellness app includes diet, exercise, mindfulness, and general wellness programs. Some of the top programs are Paleo, Gluten Free, 21 Days of Mindfulness, Weight Loss, Ketogenic, Home Fitness, Intermittent Fasting, and more. The app Monitors employees’ wellness journey in one complete picture in real time.

Wellness Workshops 60-75 minutes

Deepen your employee’s understanding and commitment to healthy living. Our workshops give them

the tools to apply skills and knowledge immediately. We have a robust menu of workshops on

Meditation, Stress Management Techniques, Body/Mind/ Spirit training, Whole Body Detox, Diet and Bone Health, Diabetes and Chronic Illness Risk Reduction, Strengths Finder and DISC Coaching

Lunch-N-Learn 45 minutes

These meetings will bring together your staff in an informal atmosphere to collaborate and learn about health and wellness. We have a broad menu of sessions on Healthy Eating, Ergonomics, Environmental Toxins, Women’s Health Topics, Identifying the Root Cause of Your Chaos, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(MBSR)

Leadership Day Retreats – 6 hours

Corporate Health Reboot – Invest in the Long-Term Health of Your Team. The modern day job creates an abundance of health strains on an employee. Demanding schedules, sedentary office hours, and limited time or access exercise facilities, nutrition, and mental health. Research shows that the overall health and well-being of our workforce is being significantly affected by constant stress, burnout, and hectic schedules. Our holistic retreat addresses the mental strain of their demanding job, providing our corporate groups with skills to manage stress and maintain a healthy work environment.

At BWell, we provide our corporate wellness groups the opportunity to personalize your group retreat. Our all-inclusive program is geared toward rebooting your team and providing them with the skills to remain healthy while at the office. We’ll work with you to customize a wellness experience based on your specific goals and focus. Topics vary including Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Nourish, Balance and Transform Yourself – learn how chakras balance your health, Identifying the Root Cause of Your Chaos, Whole Body Detox. Healthy lunch and prep presentation included and mindfulness activities – all supplies included (up to 25 employees)


Diagnostics labs, epigenetic hair analysis, food sensitivity tests, private yoga sessions, nutraceuticals and individual coaching services