Epigenetic Hair Analysis

Have you not been feeling your best?

The Cell-Wellbeing Hair Analysis will help you find out what everyday factors may be causing your symptoms.

Discover the answers with a simple non-invasive hair analysis.

We use the hair root bulb as an informational source, since the hair follicle is a part of the sensory system of the body. This biomarker expresses information from the environment. In just 30 minutes we will identify and assesses your epigenetics for:

  • vitamins
  • parasites and viruses
  • nutrition
  • toxins
  • antioxidants
  • microbiology
  • minerals
  • fatty acids
  • EFA and EMF (radiation)

The Cell Wellbeing Hair Analysis Tool identifies what is affecting your gene expression. Human hair is a perfect biomarker that holds information about our gene expression and what may be affecting it.

Testing can help to indicate where imbalances lie in the body, as well as identifying food sensitivities, digestive issues, toxins, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This information will allow for development of a lifestyle plan to improve your overall wellness. 

The Cell-Wellbeing Hair Analysis tool provides a 35-page report that provides a comprehensive analysis of your cellular wellness.

See sample report here: Optimize Wellness Report