Functional Medicine


What is a Functional Medicine?

Instead of asking what prescription can be written to mask symptoms, Functional Medicine asks, “Why did this problem occur and what is causing your symptoms?” 

Functional Medicine uses science-backed, clinically proven diagnostics.

Using advanced diagnostic testing and treatments that might include nutrition/diet, lifestyle changes, supplements and herbs, and emotional/spiritual coaching, Functional Medicine aims to restore optimal function both at a cellular and body system level, with the goal of inspired, optimal health throughout your entire life.

These concepts characterize Functional Medicine:
The belief that your body is intelligent and has the ability to heal itself when proper nutrients are provided and impediments to healing are removed. By supporting the healing mechanisms of the body, and addressing the complex web of interconnected body-systems, the physiological function is restored and symptoms disappear.

That we are treating the individual, not the disease. Each of us is genetically unique, and no two clients with the same disease or symptoms will have the exact same underlying causes. When forming a diagnosis for your symptoms. Functional Medicine is science-based. Practitioners use the latest research in combination with time-tested clinical strategies to help their clients achieve lasting results.